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White Yard was founded in 2014, started as small design studio doing custom made wedding invitations, corporate branding and luxury stationery. We worked during the past years to be the only destination where all your dreams come true about luxury invitations, paper products or packaging.


Since 2016 White Yard has become the new destination for lifestyle brands and individuals that don’t want to look like anything or anyone else. We strive to create unique products, from luxury stationery sets and event print materials, to comprehensive graphic design and branding for you or your company. Whether you're a couple celebrating your special day, a business looking to rebrand and re-launch, or an individual looking to satisfy your one-of-a-kind appetite,

our process is all about you - every word, every detail, every step.

Our Services

Branding & Corporate Identity Creation:

We create brands and their stories. We help brands create their brand identity from logo, color palette, visual look and feel to stationery and packaging concepts. Whether you are a small startup looking to create a unique identity or you a big firm looking to uplift your existing one, our design team will help you reach the outcome you are looking for.


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Corporate Stationery Design & Production:

A very big part of your image as a corporate is your stationery and its collaterals. We helped all our corporate clients reach the image they want about themselves, from business cards to envelopes and letterheads and more products, we managed to do various luxurious paper products with variety of materials and production details, all done perfect to the very last detail.

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Packaging & Printing Design & Production:

Packaging is the most important aspect to represent your product in the market. We have worked closely with various brand in various fields to help them reach the best packaging solution the suits their needs and the nature of their business. During the past years we worked with brands in the fields of Jewelry, fashion, F&B, Cosmetics, Desserts, flowers, banking and more


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Fine Dining Supplies Design & Production:

Fine dining is all about the best experience of food and dining you could have on your special night out. We help Fine restaurants design and produce the best complementing products they could have to add to their perfectly done food. Menus, bill folders, placemats, VIP card memberships and other products are all products that we have done with most of the well known names in Egypt like Pier 88 Group, Baky Hospitality, Smokery, Esca and more.


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Corporate Invitations Design & Production:

We help corporates find the perfect invitation for their events. Weather they have a launching event or a mega film festival, we work closely with the firms and their teams to design their invitations using creative and unexpected ideas and finding the right materials along with all the production details needed to have an unexceptional invitation. We had the privilege to work on most of the invitation of the mega events in Egypt like, The opening of The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, El Gouna Film Festival, The 50th anniversary of Egypt and Emirates relations, The Grand opening of the Hyatt Regency,  BT100, and many more. 


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Wedding invitation Design & Production:

Wedding invitations has been a very special place in our hearts, dealing with brides and grooms and helping them create the prefect invitation for their wedding day has been always fun for us to do. We help the couples find their wedding theme and direction, we walk them through a journey to discover what they want and help them reach a product that they love and remember.


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Our Online Shop:

Your Paper Shop is our latest additions to our bundle of services. Your Paper Shop is a concept store that aims to offer simple and elegant paper products for your everyday needs. Whether you are a person looking for personal stationery or gifting supplies or a business looking to have an outstanding stationery set, YPS will be your one stop shop.


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